There’s a new restaurant in town!

Pastucci’s is a family run business between two brothers. Ask for the owner and you’ll meet a friendly, smiling, and excited face (or pair of faces) ready to tell you about their business. This restaurant will likely be expanding past our Etobicoke shores on the Queensway as they have big plans for its future success as a new, delicious, Italian chain in the Toronto Region.

Pastucci’s is almost as new as we are, and they inspired us to start this blog.

We hope you enjoy our first post!

The owners on opening day from their Twitter Account: @PastuccisCanada

We tried the Gnocchi and the Farfalle and preferred the Farfalle. The idea of Pastucci’s is to make handmade noodles quickly. This is done in the back, and dough is placed in a basket and boiled behind the counter. As a result, the Gnocchi we tried was good, however it was the same texture on the outside as the inside, a gooey potato noodle, that was sticky all the way through. Our tasters would have preferred a more solid exterior, however still really enjoyed it. In comparison to the Rose Blush sauce, the Pesto was a better, more suitable combination of mouth-watering flavours.

The bow-tie shaped Farfalle noodle was Al Dente, allowing the taster to fully appreciate its texture. It worked well with the Rose Blush sauce and freshly grated Parmesan. If you are overwhelmed with sauce options, and you can’t decide between a white or red sauce, the Rose Blush is the perfect go-between.

This on-the-go Italian restaurant takes you through your dinner experience in 3 steps. First you choose your pasta type, ranging from gluten free kale gnocchi to fettuccine to penne. Second you choose your sauce. There were so many options for both pasta and sauce, but for the best flavour, make sure to ask the friendly staff for a suggestion. In the third step you pick your toppings, including cheese, meat (which costs a little extra), and other veggies.

Pastucci's Red Boxes
We were so full we had to take some home! 🙂

You can also choose from their wide variety of drinks (such as their coffee and espresso options or pop). They carry Brio, a rare find in Etobicoke!

One thing our environmentalist-writer didn’t enjoy was that you had to use take-out packaging, including forks, even if you decided to dine at the restaurant. This is meant to be fast Italian food on the go however, so this is to be expected.

We sat in their red and black stools facing the window. It has a homey feel, with plenty of bright windows, and fun classic decor. The staff is excited to be open and loves to meet new people!

We would suggest this Etobicoke, family-run business any day.

Happy Eating!

@ 759B The Queensway, Etobicoke, ON M8Z 1N1

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